Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Many Ways to Evangelize

I've heard the challenge of the New Evangelization is finding the best way to bring the church to the contemporary world. There are so many opportunities to reach people. Members of the Body of Christ are, every day, exploring new ways of sharing the Gospel message and bringing people closer to Christ. I'm thinking of apostolates like Augustinian Press, or forward-thinking priests like Bishop Robert Barron. Parishes are using Twitter, Facebook, the MyParish app, YouTube and a bunch of other web and phone based applications. It's an exciting time to be a Catholic.

I thought I had explored some avenue of every format out there. Here's one that never crossed my mind:

That right! There is a video game in which you are a Dominican Friar who must collect Summa Theologica, convert Albigensian Heretics and make it to the Passiontide. What's the Passiontide? I asked myself the same thing. The Passiontide is the two weeks of Lent before Holy Week. I learned something from playing a video game. Here's what is truly ingenious about the whole thing. The Parish of St. Dominic in D.C. developed the game to advertise an event they are holding on March 12th, that highlights the themes of the Passiontide.

Click here

OK, OK, I've teased you enough. If you want to play the game click here.

I'm guessing when Matthew Kelly challenged us to do something for Lent other than giving up chocolate, he did not have playing video games in mind.