Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fr. Michael Gaitley

I had the pleasure of hearing Fr. Gaitley speak on my birthday (that and a concert at the Cathedral were presents to myself). He spoke about maybe one of the coolest things I've ever heard. He calls it the second greatest story ever told. The second, you say? Well yeah, he assumes his audience knows the original greatest story ever told... Charlton Heston played John the Baptist... ok, we're on the same page. Anyway. I am not going to do any justice with what I am about to tell you. Fr. Gaitley is a genius with this stuff and he makes so many connections and tells so many of these stories so wonderfully. You really need to check him out directly.

Divine Mercy
I'm just here to wet your appetite because I think it's such a powerful story and everyone needs to hear it.

It revolves around the two hearts of the Immaculate Conception: the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary's Immaculate Heart. The mission set forth by Jesus and the Blessed Mother in the twentieth century to St. Faustina and the children of Fatima are intimately connected with the major events of the past century. World War II and the rise of communism were both predicted in these apparitions. Both Jesus and Mary gave powerful messages and weapons to these new era prophets. The story is so amazingly interwoven that onl;y God could have wrote this story. The fact that the Divine Mercy message came to be known by the whole world is a miracle in itself. The role Poland plays in this whole story is amazing in itself. Again, I don't have room here to expound on all the wonderful twists and ironic turns present in the story. I can tell you though that after hearing Father Gaitley speak, it truly is the second greatest story ever told. If you are a member of the parish you can access the video series and accompanying study guide at


using the parish access code Y4MJDZ all caps.

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